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Box Hill’s solar powered street bins a Whitehorse first

9 Jan 2019

In response to the continued growth of Central Box Hill, Council has installed new solar powered compactor street bins to improve the cleanliness of the area.

Whitehorse Mayor Councillor Bill Bennett said the introduction of the new solar powered compactor bins, used in cities across the world, will ensure Central Box Hill remains a great place in which to live, shop, work and visit.

“Council has a dedicated team of cleansing staff working day and night to ensure the area is well presented. The compactor bins were installed in December and will add to the tidy, inviting presentation of this very popular part of Whitehorse,” Cr Bennett said.

“There was previously 10 general waste bins and seven recycling bins in Box Hill Mall alone. The general waste bins were emptied every night and the recycling bins up to three times per week. It was common for the bins to become full and overflowing before they were emptied.

“The recommended option was to install energy-efficient solar powered compactor bins. The new bins each hold up to eight times more waste than a standard bin, and their capacity can be tracked and alerts are sent when collection is required.”

Simply installing more standard bins was not an option as this would have detracted from the appearance of the area, and there would be significant cost and disruption to empty the bins more than once per day.

There are now three sets of new recycling and waste bins in the Box Hill Mall and a set installed in Box Hill Gardens near the new play space and barbeque area.

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