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Free come-and-try sessions all week at Burwood Neighbourhood House

12 Jul 2018

Free come-and-try sessions are on next week at Burwood Neighbourhood House for those wanting to experience a range of fabulous activities, from yoga to social Scrabble.

Whitehorse Councillor Sharon Ellis said the one-off sessions began on Monday 16 July and were the perfect way to try an exercise, hobby or social event and see if you would like to continue for a term or beyond.

“Getting out and into the community via Council’s Neighbourhood Houses is great for mental health, making social connections and learning new skills. The come-and-try sessions are a great way to see what best fits your interests and timetable,” Cr Ellis says.

The come-and-try sessions include Scrabble, strength training, structured playgroup, Bollywood dancing, meditation and more.

For the full class list, dates and times, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au/Event-Calendar.html

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