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Council + Positive Charge a great combination

6 Mar 2019

Council has teamed with the Positive Charge program that offers trustworthy, up-to-date, energy-saving advice, news and tips.

Whitehorse Councillor Prue Cutts said as part of the partnership, Whitehorse residents can contact Positive Charge for free advice about energy efficiency, including installing solar panels and accessing government rebates.

“The Positive Charge website outlines the support it offers, from solar power and lighting to insulation and information on hot water systems,” Cr Cutts said.

“A range of Victorian councils have partnered with Positive Charge, and Whitehorse encourages community members to explore its website and start thinking of the energy-saving changes they can plan for their home or business.”

Positive Charge is a program of the Moreland Energy Foundation Ltd, a not for profit organisation committed to tackling climate change.
In the four years it has been operating, Positive Charge has reduced more than 120,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by delivering more than 700 Home Energy Assessments, helping more than 11,000 individual households and businesses with general energy advice over the phone, and building their subscriber base to more than 14,000 people who receive smart energy advice and information straight to their email inbox every month.

For more information, visit positivecharge.com.au

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