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Whitehorse makes a recycling reboot

7 Nov 2018

Council encourages Whitehorse residents to take part in Planet Ark’s Buy It Back Day on Saturday 17 November.

Whitehorse Councillor Denise Massoud said the Buy It Back Day means the community can celebrate National Recycling Week through mindful purchasing by buying something secondhand or made from recycled materials.

Shoppers are encouraged to share their finds on social media with a photo and hashtags #BuyItBack and #NationalRecyclingWeek.

“National Recycling Week is also the perfect time to reboot your recycling habits in general,” Cr Massoud said.

“As China’s waste import ‘ban’ hits Australia and our population and waste levels continue to rise, recycling correctly matters now more than ever. While Whitehorse residents are fabulous recyclers, a common recycling mistake made by them is placing soft plastics, such as bread bags, in the recycling bin.”

“They also place bagged recyclables, food scraps or organics in the recycling bin. These mistakes cause problems at the sorting facilities and can lead to more of Australia’s recyclables going to landfill.”

To learn more about what can be collected and sorted through your kerbside recycling service and to see how incorrect items can compromise the sorting process, watch the video at visy.com.au/recycling/education

For more information on National Recycling Week and Buy It Back Day, visit recyclingweek.planetark.org.

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