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New Mayor elected

30 Oct 2018

Whitehorse City Council elected Cr Bill Bennett, Ward Councillor for Morack Ward, as its new Mayor for 2018-2019 at a Special Statutory Council Meeting yesterday.

Cr Bennett said he is committed to the principles of honesty and accountability in his role as a Councillor and now as Mayor.

“I have always worked for the very best outcomes for community members when it comes to Council debate, decisions and commitments. As Mayor, I will continue to prioritise the wellbeing of this municipality I care deeply about,” Cr Bennett said.

“Thanks go to my family for their support during my career to date with Council, and many thanks to my fellow Councillors for their faith in me and electing me Mayor for the next 12 months.

“I look forward to working with my councillor colleagues to serve the Whitehorse community and will give the job of Mayor a red hot go.”

Cr Bennett will serve the community as a Councillor representative on various organisations and will have additional responsibilities as Mayor of the Day.

He has lived in the City of Whitehorse since 1971 and is an active member of the community with memberships to the Lions Club of South Vermont, Vermont Men’s Shed, Nunawading Community Gardens and the Alternative Technology Association.

Cr Bennett’s interests include urban design, solar installations and saving water within the community.

For more information, visit www.whitehorse.vic.gov.au or phone 9262 6333.

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