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Great advice to keep you storm safe

10 Oct 2018

Over the last few years, Whitehorse has experienced several serious storms that have caused blackouts and significant damage.

Whitehorse Councillor Tina Liu said, with this in mind, now was a good time to revise a checklist on ways to keep your family and property safe as a storm approaches.

“The storms in past years in Whitehorse have been sudden and localised, which makes it essential to have a plan before a storm hits,” Cr Liu said.

“There is a lot you can do to get ready – and stay ready – for a potentially damaging storm. Heed the warnings put out by news outlets, and take them seriously. If a storm does hit your area, you will be better prepared if you have followed Council’s advice.”

Get prepared:

  • Secure outdoor furniture and umbrellas
  • Secure lose items that could become flying projectiles
  • Make sure gutters, downpipes and drains are not blocked
  • Park your car under cover and away from trees
  • Ensure you have surge protectors on electrical equipment
  • Make copies of important documents and back up your computer regularly
  • Check that your insurance covers flood and storm damage
  • Print out a copy of emergency contacts and any medical prescriptions you may need keep them somewhere handy. Local contacts are available at Emergency Contact Information

For more information, visit ses.vic.gov.au/prepare/stormsafe and Emergency Management

Keep track of all potential emergencies by accessing the Vic Emergency web site emergency.vic.gov.au/respond or download the VicEmergency app for your smart phone.

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