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Interim Amendment C191 Approved

8 Feb 2018

The Hon Richard Wynne MP, Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C191 to the Whitehorse Planning Scheme, to allow Council to implement an interim, municipality-wide Significant Landscape Overlay.

Whitehorse Mayor Councillor Andrew Davenport said the interim controls will apply to all land included in the Neighbourhood Residential Zone, General Residential Zone, Residential Growth Zone and Low Density Residential Zone that are not already covered by Schedules 1-8 of the overlay.

“Council has also requested the Minister apply the same controls permanently through Amendment C196,” Cr Davenport said.

“Amendment C191 will be in place until 31 December 2018 to allow council to conduct further strategic work to determine how the overlay can best be applied and the merits of a permanent application.”

Council is seeking to protect established vegetation and landscape character of the municipality while further work is conducted to survey the areas not currently covered by the Significant Landscape Overlay.

“It is important to provide some level of protection in the interim while this strategic work and subsequent amendment process are completed,” Cr Davenport said. 

Approximately 60,000 properties across Whitehorse are covered by the new interim schedule to the Significant Landscape Overlay. Council will be required to carry out further strategic work for the areas proposed for inclusion within the overlay.

The interim controls will require landowners to obtain a permit to remove, destroy or lop a tree taller than 5m and with a trunk circumference of 1.0 metre at 1 metre from the ground. 

“The purpose of this further work will be to identify the areas of vegetation and particular character elements that make the area significant and suitable for protection under the overlay and that the controls are in accordance with the required guidelines for Planning Scheme Amendments,” Cr Davenport said.

The new interim controls will remain in place until 31 December 2018 while Council continues strategic work to consider the merits of applying the same controls permanently.

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